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with adventures to be had in every season

We offer a venue for group educational retreats & rentals

Nestled in the sunny Pemberton Valley and ringed by rugged mountains, Copperdome Lodge offers group accommodation for up to 30 people. Perfect for wellness retreats, corporate gatherings, courses or workshops, the lodge enjoys a peaceful country setting that is just 40 minutes from Whistler. Copperdome Lodge is the perfect year-round base for summer sun or winter fun, with full amenities and affordable rates.

Our spacious lodge features breathtaking views, cozy accommodations, and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Enjoy the comfortable wilderness in one of British Columbia's most unique mountain valleys. 



We understand how important it is for you to create memories that will last a lifetime, and we provide the perfect setting for you to do just that. With comfortable amenities and quality customer service, you can rest assured that your experience with us will be one to remember.



With its many common rooms, such as a large living room, den, office, 1000sq ft old school house multi function room, Copperdome offers the ambiance of a very large country home. We have the ability to accommodate all types of small to large groups with 15 bedrooms. Guests feel connected with plenty of rooms to relax.



Nature thrives in Pemberton, where awe-inspiring landscapes beckon you to explore. Surrounded by the majestic Coast Mountains and the lush Pemberton Valley, this pristine corner of British Columbia offers an idyllic escape for nature lovers.

Step into ancient forests, where towering trees whisper tales of time. 


Unleash your inner adventurer in Pemberton! This picturesque destination offers an array of thrilling experiences, from epic mountain biking trails that will get your heart racing to world-class winter sports that promise an adrenaline rush like no other. Whether you're a seasoned thrill-seeker or someone eager to try something new, Pemberton's diverse outdoor opportunities are sure to excite. 


"We had a great time at the Copperdome. The location is just great as well as the lodge.We ran into a record-breaking heat wave but the lodge is perfectly cool throughout the days. This is the sixth year that I have hosted a large group event and I have yet to see anything so awesome. Copperdome offers commercial-scale kitchen and walk-in freezer, which are unbelievably useful (and non-exist anywhere else), a dining "hall", a showering facility, the family rooms... It's not just a big lodge that sleeps 30. It's a big lodge that's DESIGNED to serve 30.”



JL. Chang

Deesai Design & Consulting Ltd.

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